Vinyasa Flow for Backbends |
Vinyasa Flow for Backbends
60 minutes
Eleni Michalopoulou

What you'll do

Vinyasa Flow for Backbends

Backbends are the main goal of this Yoga class, as we focus on specific asanas (poses).

It is about a dynamic sequence of yoga poses, in which you wil:
  • Sweat it out with a full-length power flows
  • Explore creative poses and transitions
  • Deepen your strength and flexibility

Duration: 1 hour
Level: moderate - intermediate

Your instructor


Eleni loves teaching Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga and she enjoys serving the wellness community!

She likes blending strength and flexibility into the foundational basics of asanas. Also she loves helping practitioners discover their full potential.

Throught Yoga practice, Eleni can express herself and feel free!